cheerchicka04 (cheerchicka04) wrote in ljs_hottest,

MOD Post

Welcome to ljs_hottest!!

This is a community made to meet new people and talk about similar interests.

This is a closed community which means you must fill out a quick application.

Just because this community is called ljs_hottest, it doesn't mean you have to be good looking. We judge mostly on personality, not looks.

So start applying and I hope you hear from you guys soon.

1. Name/age/location-
2. Describe your personality-
3. Favorite bands -
4. Favorite movies -
5. Favorite songs -
6. Who do you most look up to and why?
What is your view on..
7. gay marriage -
8. animal testing -
9. drugs -
10. the war in Iraq -
Last Questions
11. What makes you a livejournal hottie?
12. How did you find out about this community?
13. If accepted, what Accepted Banner do you want?
14. Promote us to either one persons journal or one community. Show the link
15. Now post at least 3 pictures behind an lj-cut. And post a salute along with your pictures. (A salute is a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "your username" @ ljs_hottest)

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