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ahh i just found out that I was already accepted without an application... but i already wrote this one out... *shrug* so i will post it anyways...just incase i got confused about the whole accepted thing....lol

1. Name/age/location- Hannah / 14 / New Hampshire
2. Describe your personality- Well I am a very Outgoing Type of girl... I like to do crazy things that most people would feel like an idiot doing... and have SO MUCH fun doing it... I believe very strongly in being yourself and not caring how stupid others think you are.... hehe--- but thats just me :-D If there is anything else you would like to know just ask in the comments *grin*
3. Favorite bands - I like Alanis Morissette, Dar Williams, DONNA LEWIS, PRINCE!! Third Eyes Blind...EDWIN MCCAIN!!
4. Favorite movies -
Die hard- ((the series))
The Gladiator-
The Patriot-
Theatre Productions-

5. Favorite songs -
"when Doves Cry"- PRINCE
"Are You Out There"- DAR WILLIAMS

6. Who do you most look up to and why? Well i Really Love katherine-Zeta jones.... because she is beautiful, talented, opinionated, passionate, and sensual.....
What is your view on..
7. gay marriage - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should not be teased in any ways because of it
8. animal testing - Wrong... But sometimes needed... ((its stupid to test it on shampoos  and stuff but on medicines and vaccines and things like that....its good))<<in my opinion
9. drugs - Gross, Your own desicion... Just try and not start. PLEASE! :(
10. the war in Iraq - Saddening.... Sometimes war is needed, I'm kind of beside myself on this call about the war though...
Last Questions
11. What makes you a livejournal hottie? I am cute i guess.... lol... I am passionate... opinionated.... different... and CRAZY!! hehehe----

alright!! Thanks guys!! <333 Please Vote!!


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